The term depression is used to describe a long period of sadness. It can either refer to a person’s mood where he or she is feeling sad and dejected or to describe a debilitating mental illness called major depressive disorder. To feel sad during major life crises is normal but major depressive disorder refers to a condition where there is prolonged sadness without any link to life events. It’s important to remember that major depressive disorder is an illness and needs to be treated just like other ailments. Depression can affect a person emotionally as well as physically. Common symptoms of depression include unhappiness, loss of interest in activities which were earlier pleasurable, loss of appetite, lack of energy and motivation, difficulty in concentrating, inability to make decisions and sleep problems (mainly insomnia). Chronic, untreated depression can induce suicidal thoughts in people. But it can be treated well with antidepressant drugs if people accept their problem and consider taking treatment. In this section, you’ll find articles on common triggers of depression like lack of sleep, hearing loss, migraine and obesity. You can find several options like exercising, meditation and certain food like yogurt, to prevent stress in your life that can lead to depression.


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