Now coined the ‘diabetes capital of the world’ India has 40 million or four crore people currently suffering from the disease. According to estimates, by 2025, one in every five Indians will be a diabetic. With these statistics, it is necessary that you follow a healthy lifestyle and be on the lookout for any of the following symptoms that might indicate diabetes. We’ve tried to compile a list of questions after answering which you might be able to assess if you have any of the diabetic symptoms:

1. Have you noticed an increase in appetite lately?

This could indicate polyphagia caused by body cells starving for glucose, which isn’t able to move into the cells in the case of a diabetic.

2. Do you have to visit the loo for urination more often these days?

This indicates polyuria caused by high amount of glucose in the urine.

3. Are you thirsty most of the time?

This could be polydypsia caused by the increase in urination and loss of fluids.

4. Have you lost a considerable amount of weight lately even after having an increase in appetite? 

In diabetes, the body is unable to utilize the available glucose. For want of fuel, it then starts burning fat which leads to weight loss.

5. Have you been feeling fatigued all day long lately?

Since the glucose stores aren’t utilized, the body is unable to get its energy and hence feels more fatigued.

6. Do your feet and fingers feel a tingling or numb sensation?

The high glucose levels in the body can affect the nerves and this can cause what is called ‘diabetic neuropathy’ causing tingling and numbness in the peripheries of the body.

7. Have you been suffering from infections more frequently than earlier?

The reduced nutrition levels in the body’s cells can decrease the immunity leading to frequent infections especially in the skin, vagina and urinary bladder.

8. Is your vision appearing blurred these days?

The shape and flexibility of the lens of the eye changes due to high blood sugar, thus distorting the ability to focus. This causes blurred vision.

9. Do you have cuts or wounds that have not been healing for a long time?

Due to a weakened immune system and increased predilection for infections, wound healing is poor in diabetics.

10. Have you been highly irritable and/or depressed lately?

This can be due to the decreased glucose supply and nutrition to the brain.

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, it’s time you visit a doctor soon. Diabetes does not mean a death sentence – it is a disease one can live with, provided proper lifestyle changes and treatment as advised by the doctor are followed.