Indian curries are incomplete without garlic – a simple ingredient with packed health benefits. It is very strong and bitter but adds an unbelievable flavour to the cuisine. Any description of garlic is incomplete without mentioning its medicinal values. This miracle herb has been used since time immemorial as a medicine to prevent or treat various diseases and conditions.

Garlic has a variety of potent sulphur-containing compounds which are the reason for its characteristic pungent odour. Allicin, the vital compound among them, is known to have great anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. The benefits of allicin can be best garnered when it’s finely chopped, minced or pureed and let sit for some time. Garlic is also a reliable source of selenium. Allicin, along with other compounds like ajoene, alliin, etc. found in them also have an effect on the circulatory, digestive and immunological systems of our body and help in lowering blood pressure, detoxification, healing, etc.

Here are 15 health benefits of garlic:

Antibacterial and Antiviral

Garlic is most well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. They help control bacterial, viral, fungal, yeast and worm infections. Fresh garlic is thought to play a role in preventing food poisoning by killing bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella enteritidis, etc.

To treat skin infections

The chemical ajoene found in garlic may help treat fungal skin infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

Blood thinning

The anti-clotting properties of ajoene found in garlic help in preventing the formation of blood clots in the body. Hence, it may also increase the risk of bleeding after surgery.

Reduce blood pressure

Angiotensin II is a protein that helps our blood vessels contract thereby increasing the blood pressure. Allicin in garlic blocks the activity of angiotensin II and helps in reducing blood pressure. The polysulphides present in garlic are converted into a gas called hydrogen sulphide by the red blood cells. Hydrogen sulphide dilates our blood vessels and helps control blood pressure.

Protect heart

Garlic protects our heart against cardiovascular problems like heart attacks and atherosclerosis. This cardio-protective property can be attributed to various factors. With age, the arteries tend to lose their ability to stretch. Garlic may help reduce this and may also protect the heart from the damaging effects of free oxygen radicals. The sulphur-containing compounds of garlic also prevent our blood vessels from becoming blocked and slow the development of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The anti-clotting properties of ajoene help prevent clots from forming inside the blood vessels.

Reduce cholesterol

Garlic has the ability to moderately lower our blood triglycerides and total cholesterol and reduce arterial plaque formation.

Combat allergies

Garlic is known to have anti-inflammatory property. It can help the body fight against allergies. The anti-arthritic property of garlic is due to diallyl sulphide and thiacremonone.  Garlic has been show to improve allergic airway inflammation (allergic rhinitis). Raw garlic juice may be used to immediately stop the itching due to rashes and bug bites.

Remedy for respiratory problems

Daily use of garlic might reduce the frequency and number of colds. Its antibacterial properties help in treating throat irritations. Garlic may also reduce the severity of upper respiratory tract infections. Its benefits in disorders of the lungs like asthma, difficulty of breathing, etc. make it a priceless medicine.  Its ability to promote expectoration makes it irreplaceable in chronic bronchitis.


Garlic increases insulin release and regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Effective against warts and corns

Applying fat dissolving garlic extracts to corns on the feet and warts on the hands is thought to improve these conditions.

Cancer prevention

Daily intake of garlic has been found to lower risk of most types of cancer. This anti-cancer property is due to allyl sulphides found in garlic. PhIP, a type of heterocyclic amine (HCA), has been associated with increased incidence of breast cancer among women. According to studies, diallyl sulphide found in garlic inhibits the transformation of PhIP into carcinogens.

Improve iron metabolism

Ferroportin is a protein which helps in iron absorption and release. Diallyl sulphides in garlic increase production of ferroportin and help improve iron metabolism.

Stir up passions

Garlic’s aphrodisiac property is due to its ability to increase the circulation.


Simply put some crushed garlic clove directly on the affected tooth can help relieve toothaches due to its antibacterial and analgesic properties. But be aware that it can be irritating to the gum.

Reduce weight

Many researchers believe that obesity is a state of long-term low-grade inflammation. According to recent research, garlic may help to regulate the formation of fat cells in our body. Pre-adipocytes are converted into fat cells (adipocytes) through inflammatory system activity. The anti-inflammatory property of 1, 2-DT (1, 2-vinyldithiin) found in garlic may help inhibit this conversion. This may help prevent weight gain.

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  • ka raju

    I take garlic regularly, but I do not know how much is good or bad?

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    About: GARLIC information:
    Thank you! Thank you for your tremendous information. We MUST pass this tip onto people: you have explained GARLIC so very well!
    Yes, we must get the garlic with Allicin in it: non-synthetic, and is “smelly” – temporarily!

    We must, just must, all work together to help lift each other up FOR GOOD HEALTH, with all sorts of “Natural Remedies” – and stay away from RX Drugs or at least LOWER THE USE by getting our great-fantastic IMMUNE SYSTEM UP!
    (Doing a research on: “Bad-Dangerous Drugs Lawsuits” and found: so very many RX Drugs that are dangerous especially for babies and teens, diabetics and depressed/anxious people!)

    As long as we don’t have purple blood and yellow eyes, we are all part of Humanity!
    We are all part of The Family of Man! We must work together to keep up our health so that we can have lives of HOPE, JOY, the HEALTH to do the great things we need to in our lives.

  • themedguru

    Really there are number of hidden health benefits of garlic. It helps in Cure cold and cough, Get rid of acne, diabetes and so many others…

    Thanks for sharing your tips!!!!

  • question man

    what are the affects of garlic

  • vishnubrakmamaheswar

    if you crush garlic and let it oxidize – let it out in the open as suggested here .Allicin the active ingredient generated in the crushing vanishes – . i have doubts about how to get garlic in ?. there are several studies done by NIH – they also have the same doubts.

  • Shah

    how to control gastric. Because upto now don’t have any medicine to remove the gastric. Only you take medicine for currently relief But permanent solution ,I think don’t have.

  • ragh

    How long would it take to reduce weight also how frequent it must be consumed for proper results .. ALso how long should i take it

    • pastline63

      As far as conditions go by example, I suffered from high blood pressure over 160, I started a 2000 mg a day diet, and it dropped in 2 months to 120 and now at the low teens. This was 5 years ago, I feel energetic have healthy Bowel movements and a fascinating thing happened, I have not been sick in 5 years! No flu, my allergies subsided. I stopped taking the flu vaccine 6 yrs ago due to concerns in what is really in it,. and Garlic taken daily has made me feel alive, and at age 50 I look 36 tops I will never stop taking it because of energy it gives me and the mental clarity from it’s use. I suggest a high mg liquid form for fast absorption and less stomach upset chances. Best of luck to you and I hope it works the same for you if not better, once you take it you will be shocked that you lived without it.

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    Medicinal & nutrition factors of avacado seed.

  • Momanyi

    Hi! How do you use/prepare garlic in trdatment of allergies, corns & ringworms. Please help me

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