Hair loss- Dr BatraLosing hair is no joke. It can sometimes be a serious sign. Hair loss in certain individuals is suggested to reflect an underlying, or waiting-to-happen, illness. Studies suggest that hair starts thinning 5-6 weeks before diabetes mellitus is detected. Likewise, hair loss can imply a three-fold increased risk of heart disease, especially in men.

 Hair loss is more than what meets the scalp. There are about 40 different types of hair loss. Statistics suggests that approximately 45 million men and 20 million women are affected by the problem. Studies also indicate that there has been a 250 per cent increase in hair loss cases during the last five years — the age-group most affected being 16-25. The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, that worsens with age. The triggers for the condition are hormonal imbalance — dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — body-building steroids, prostatic problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, besides stress-related, or emotional, issues and scalp disorders. The typical presentation is a receding hairline with “baldness” on the crown.

 There’s no need to push the panic button on your scalp. Hair loss is treatable; also preventable with timely homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy treats hair loss from the root — not just on the surface — safely. It treats the likely cause of the problem, taking into account the individual’s unique nature, temperament, sensitivities, and also sensibilities. For example, hair loss in a business executive, who is dominant, finds sweets irresistible, but has an extremely poor appetite, because he feels “full” too quickly, can be effectively treated with Lycopodium Clavatum. Acid Phosphoricum is, likewise, useful in hair loss after prolonged mental, or emotional, grief. Phosphorus is effective in “falling off” of hair in bunches — along with dandruff —while combing.

 International clinical studies have corroborated the fact that homeopathic remedies, such as Thuja Occidentalis and Sabal Serrulata, have the ability to act as natural DHT-inhibitors and, thus, control, stop, or reverse hair loss, effectively. There are other equally useful “hair-remedying” homeopathic medicines. However, it must be emphasised that the best treatment outcomes can emerge in a clinic consultation with a professional homeopathic physician, trained in trichology — the scientific study of hair and scalp.

Published in the Times of India on 4 July 2010

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  • Raghavan

    There have been enough scientific articles from very reputed institutes to say that Homeopathy is like palcebo. It always directs itself for curative processes in areas of psychosomatic illness and where statistical evidence is not called for. It does however give a source of revenue to lots of people. Should we care about its efficacy, as long as it keeps people engaged in a harmless way.

  • Noni

    I am 27 year old I have been suffering from severe hair fall since 7 years.. N i have less hair in front area. And bald from front side areas and my periods are also irregular.. Plz tel me medicine

  • Noni

    I have been suffering from severe hair fall since 7 years.. N i have less hair in front area. And bald from front side areas.. Plz tel me medicine

  • Dr Sheetal GANGWAL

    I am 36y ,I am having dandruff with sever itching,scales also,hair fall from roots

    • candace

      Maybe try putting coconut oil on 30 minutes before you shower and when you shower try mixing a little baking soda in your mild shampoo works for me


    I m 20yrs old , i m suffering from hair fall problem and my hair is also very thin. so plz give me a good suggestion for this problem.

  • sumit kumar

    i am 27years old i am suffring from hair fall problems last 3yrs. Plz give me a good suggestion for remove this problem.

    • dr.anita

      take homeopathic medicine Lycopodium 12c daily in moring on clean tongue


    some times ago my hairs were black,dark and shining,but now days they become grey and shineless.but not falling what can i do?

  • manjunatha hadagali

    im just 28yrs old,im suffering lot frm dis bloody hair fall,plz gv me suggetion to stop hair fall&growth of new hairs..

  • sk.sharmi

    please give the beauty tips for face & care for long shine hair?

  • Anas

    Boericke? Are they still circulating in the omheopathic community?Would love to learn more.What’s rhus tox, and its genesis? 1 I’ve read that most Swedenborgians were believers in homeopathy, so it’s not surprising to find close links between both groups. (Mutually sustaining communities of belief.)2 I’ve read that omheopathic doctors’ at that time began by doing a complete case study of the whole’ person, not just his/her symptom. Diagnosis would then be based on this whole-person’ analysis. This seems to put it within a therapeutic tradition, in parallel to the developments of other talking cures’ etc developed at the same time by Freud and Jung. The pharmacopia is subordinated to a therapeutic framework, but like all therapies in the market, it spins money for the doctor’/therapist.Keen to hear from anyone doing research in this area.Best Kay Flavell